Administration - Support - Accounting - IT


  • François Drazdik

    François Drazdik Head of Administration

  • Murielle Albessard

    Murielle Albessard Accounting Officer

  • Françoise Boettcher

    Françoise Boettcher Senior Support Officer

  • Alexandra Fetescu

    Alexandra Fetescu Support Officer

  • Lydia Galla-Ruscitti

    Lydia Galla-Ruscitti Accounting Officer

  • Catherine Levanti

    Catherine Levanti Senior Accounting Officer

  • Adina Lupu

    Adina Lupu Head of Support Department | HR Manager

  • Laurent Molitor

    Laurent Molitor IT Manager

  • Ihsane Silistre

    Ihsane Silistre Senior Support Officer

  • Sébastien Tirbisch

    Sébastien Tirbisch Support Officer

Industry Affairs & Statistics


  • François Drazdik

    François Drazdik Senior Industry Affairs Advisor

  • Régine Rugani

    Régine Rugani Senior Statistics Advisor

Business Development - Communication - Events


  • Andreea Bran

    Andreea Bran Events Manager

  • Eleftheria Kollia

    Eleftheria Kollia Events Manager

  •  Mihaela Mercier

    Mihaela Mercier Senior Communications Manager

  • Pierre Oberlé

    Pierre Oberlé Senior Business Development Manager

  • Anna Prihodova

    Anna Prihodova Senior Communications Manager

  • Siobhan Roche

    Siobhan Roche Senior Events Manager

  • Alena Schlünz

    Alena Schlünz Senior Communications and Industry Advisor

  • Irene Schultz-Gerstein

    Irene Schultz-Gerstein Senior Events Manager

  • Virginie Tripet

    Virginie Tripet Events Manager

  • Karen Tsang

    Karen Tsang Communications Manager

Legal & Tax Affairs


  • François Baratte

    François Baratte Senior Industry Affairs Adviser

  • Evelyne Christiaens

    Evelyne Christiaens Head of Legal Department

  • Vilma Domenicucci

    Vilma Domenicucci Senior Tax Advisor

  • Susanne Weismüller

    Susanne Weismüller Senior Legal Advisor

  • David Zackenfels

    David Zackenfels Senior Legal Advisor

Representative Office


  • Aurélie Cassou

    Aurélie Cassou Senior Advisor European Affairs

  • Ching Yng Choi

    Ching Yng Choi Head of Asia Rep Office

  • Antoine Kremer

    Antoine Kremer Head of EU Rep Office

Luxembourg for Finance


  • Eleanor de Rosmorduc

    Eleanor de Rosmorduc Senior Adviser